All horse breeds, riding disciplines and experiences levels are WELCOME! This farm is a NO DRAMA facility with an easy going but purposeful atmosphere.

We offer a custom feeding program tailored to your horses age and overall condition. Our hay is harvested from our own hay fields with a mix of grasses and some alfalfa best suited for horses.

Each stall is cleaned daily. We currently have 2 barns, Barn A and Barn B:

  • Barn A is detached from the indoor arena and has limited stalls available (see Boarding Fees).
  • Barn B is attached to an 80’ x 120’ climate controlled indoor riding arena. (see Boarding Fees).
    • We also have a 160’ x 240’ fenced outdoor arena. Horses are turned out daily providing a good balance between stall time and time to be a horse!
      • We also offer Rotating Pasture Management

All boarding includes daily grain, hay and access to automatic waterers, tack locker, use of arenas and wash racks.

Training and Lessons

Two trainers are available, covering most disciplines and experience levels or to just bounce ideas and questions off of. Beginner lessons are not only for riding but also for learning good horsemanship for the safety of both humans and our equine partners. We would be happy to discuss a plan for your level of experience.

Additional Services

  • Winter blankets removed nightly and put on daily (stalled horses only) at no additional charge. Both barns are consistently 35 - 40 degrees all winter.
  • Regular farrier visits scheduled. No need to be at the barn for these visits unless you would like to be there.
  • Annual scheduled Veterinary visit for vaccinations, floating etc. No need to be at the barn for these visits unless you would like to be there.
  • Chiropractic visits.
  • Supplements provided by you are given at no additional charge.
Winter Feeding
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